7 Ways Boostrbot’s AI Tools Can Boost Your Blogging Business

AI won’t replace you, someone using AI will This is a more true than you could imagine. If you’re a blogger/article writer then you must use AI.”

That's why at Boostrbot.com, we understand the challenges bloggers face in delivering valuable content to readers consistently. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive AI article wizard that goes beyond basic ChatGPT. With features tailored specifically for bloggers like you, our wizard allows you to find high volume, low competition keywords, generate SEO-optimized titles, and craft high readability outlines effortlessly. All with the goal of enhancing reader engagement and driving sales.

But that’s not all — with our AI Smart Editor, you can fine-tune your content to perfection, ensuring it not only aligns with your brand voice and writing style but also upholds high quality. Plus, our integration of industry-standard copywriting templates makes it easier than ever to captivate your audience and deliver exceptional engagement rates.

A Short Video of Our AI Article Wizard in Action:


But what sets Boostrbot apart from tools like Rytr, Copy ai, Jasper and ChatGPT? Our micro-level features that allow you to create factual content that resonates with your audience. With brand voice integration for example, you can easily incorporate your personal or brand’s unique tone and messaging into your content, ensuring powerful messaging that converts likes into leads.

Boostrbots Micro-Features:

  1. NLP Writing Model: Say goodbye to vague and generic content. Boostrbot’s AI utilizes natural language processing to generate argumentative and emotion-evoking outputs while maintaining a human touch. Your readers will be captivated by the engaging content produced by this advanced model.
  2. Brand Voice Integration: Finding it hard to maintain your unique writing style while using AI? Boostrbot’s Brand Voice feature allows you to keep your identity intact while benefiting from the efficiency of AI. It ensures consistency and enables a deeper connection with your readers across all your content.
  3. SEO Oriented Writing: Boost your blog’s visibility and reach by leveraging Boostrbot’s SEO-oriented AI. Their algorithms are designed to target high-volume, low-competition keywords and seamlessly integrate them into your generated articles. Increase your views and ROI effortlessly.
  4. Copywriting Templates: Choose from a wide array of templates, including AIDA and PAS, to kickstart your writing process. Boostrbot’s advanced AI text editor assists you in editing your generated content, making it even more impactful and persuasive.
  5. Blog Image Generator: Don’t just focus on the written content; capture your audience’s attention with visually appealing blog images. Boostrbot’s AI tool helps you generate high-quality banners and graphics that will drive traffic to your content. Combine these eye-catching visuals with AI-generated writing, and you’ll have an unbeatable combination.
  6. Video to Blog Converter: Turn your YouTube videos into captivating blog posts effortlessly with Boostrbot’s video to blog AI converter. Extract valuable content from your videos while preserving the essence and convert it into ready-to-publish blog posts. Impress your audience with SEO-optimized and readable content, all undetectable to AI detectors.
  7. Virtual Marketing Assistants: Need instant answers to questions or want to predict future trends in your niche? Boostrbot has got you covered. Their virtual assistants can help you design a post schedule, provide viral writing ideas, or simply chat about your industry. Stay on top of your marketing game with the help of AI.

So, what does this mean for your blog? Our SEO optimization tools make it easier for your people to discover and engage with your content. By leveraging the AI, you can create content that not only captivates but also converts.

Save time and delight your audience with faster, higher-quality content. Join us at Boostrbot.com, plus 40% off with code “BETA”.

and experience the future of blogging today!

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